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Tian Mi was selected "Cool DOG Site of the Day" on 6th of February, 2009


Dogtime.com has awarded Tian Mi their best in show. 


Tian Mi Shih Tzu has won the Pet Shed Website award for excellence. Click on the ribbon to check it out.


Online Pet Depot Cool website award.

The perfect page award. Won in 2005

Tian Mi was selected by Meowhoo.com for this award.



Tian Mi Shih Tzu awards program

Why would you want to receive a Tian Mi award? 

Your site will be listed on the awards page. Having your link on my site will drive traffic your way by providing an incoming link to your site for the search engines as well as the traffic that comes from Tian Mi. I am promoting your site so therefore I will not accept a less than superior website or unscrupulous breeders. Only the best of the best will be linked to Tian Mi. 

The prestigious puppy will be awarded once a month. 

The Golden key award will only be awarded once every six months. This award is meant to be a sign of moral excellence.  

These awards will only be found on websites of distinction.

We offer two awards to pet related websites. The prestigious puppy award is given to sites that meet or exceed a standard of excellence in web design and functionality. 


The Golden key award is only awarded to Shih Tzu websites who not only meet or exceed a standard of excellence in web design, but also has information and articles educating the public about the Shih Tzu and their care. An effort has to be clearly demonstrated that the owners are interested in preserving The Shih Tzu breed.

The Criteria  

  • Design Aesthetics - Site MUST be pleasing to the eye. These sites, by their nature, create a visual treat to the visitors eyes and senses, and make them want to come back just to look at the site again.

  • Clean design with colors that are appealing and do not clash.

  • Good, clean and logical navigation, or is the viewer going into an abyss?

  • Content that ensures it is of interest and valid to the client’s target audience

  • well written content. Does the sentence structure make sense, and can the reader understand what it is you are trying to convey?

  • Easy to read text all pages. Have you made sure it is not too small or against a background that does not allow the text to be seen clearly?

  •  Graphic images,  that are sized and optimized properly and are not pixilated.

The Golden Key award requires all of the above plus information and articles educating the public about the Shih Tzu and their care. An effort has to be clearly demonstrated that the owners have moral standards and are interested in preserving The Shih Tzu breed. 

On the application you must prove you have read through the criteria by entering the word honest.


  • Pornography, hatred, propaganda, racism, nudity, gambling, hacking activities, use of tobacco products, drugs, violence, firearms, weapons, degradation, harm or slander.

  • Site which provide links to such sites which contain violence, pornography, hatred, propaganda, racism, crime, gambling, hacking, tobacco, drugs, firearms, weapons, degradation, harm or slander, will be reason for immediate disqualification.

  • Typos in the URL you are submitting which leads to a dead, broken or 404 error messages, are reason for immediate disqualification.

  • Site freezes our browser.

  • Not allowing visitors to leave your site, by inserting scripts which prevent the visitor from exiting your site

  • "Under Construction", signs or text. We as Web Masters understand that a web site is never finished.

  • Failure to display the awards & award graphics you've won.

  • Manipulating our award graphics without permission.

*Note* Important - Any changes made to your site after receiving an award from Tian Mi, which violate our disqualifications Policy, or Criteria, will be reason to have your award revoked and your listing removed from our winners list.

Check out the Tian Mi awards list.

If you believe your site is worthy go to the application 


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