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Shih Tzu Bamboozled


Can you put a price on Love? 

This is a line many breeders use to get you to pay a high price for a puppy.

This page is dedicated to all those starry eyed puppy seekers who have been ripped off by uneducated, money hungry, selfish breeders who do not stand behind anything they breed. These breeders are your best friend when you are a  prospective buyer and once you give them money for a puppy, they cannot seem to find time to speak with you much less stand behind their puppy.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see a side by side comparison of a proper Shih Tzu puppy and a not so proper Shih Tzu puppy.

Don't be a victim. Educate yourself!!!

Con Artists, flimflam artists, imposters, internet scammers, rip-off artists, etc., are looking for puppy buyers worldwide with deals too good to be true.  I know because I was a victim of their scams. If you will notice I do not put many puppy photos of my beautiful babies on my site. I do this to protect myself and prospective puppy buyers like yourself. I have had dishonest people come to my site and steal my photos only to use them to sell unaware puppy buyers their sick, unhealthy, non Shih Tzu looking dogs. Once people see the photos, the dishonest people stole, they have to have one of these puppies. Potential new parents pick a puppy out of my photos posted on the scammers fraudulent website, and  bam, the new parents are sent a nightmare.

A web design client sent me the following photos of a puppy she fell in love with on the net. She admits she was not a smart puppy buyer because she did not really research the breed, but she had no idea what her ignorance would cost her.

Below is the true story of a scammed puppy buyer. To keep the identity of the scammed private we will call her Jane. 

This is a photo of the sweet little face she fell in love with and paid $900.00 for.

When an puppy seeker calls I try to educate the weary seeker on how to look for a nice healthy Shih Tzu, weather I have puppies or not.  I have always said to the seeker,  all puppies are cute when they are little, but what will they look like when they are grown. Well, here's the answer to that question..... 

This dog surely does not resemble a proper adult Shih Tzu. But it has AKC papers and a proper pedigree. You can read more about papers at 

The breeder who sold this dog was warm and caring when Jane was a prospective puppy buyer. When Jane wanted her money back she was told "Not a chance." After doing research Jane bought another real Shih Tzu (no not one of mine) and approached this breeder again. This time all Jane said was "I don't want any money back I just want to bring the dog back so it will have a home." the breeder again said "No way" Of coarse the breeder did not want this dog back. She knew it would take a labor of love to find a home for this homely little dog. 

This is a prime example of why good breeders get a bad rep. Our Shelters are full of puppies from breeders like this. Prospective uneducated puppy buyers are taken advantage of by people who are just looking to make a quick buck. When their "Pure Bred" puppy grows up and does not look at all like the "Pure Bred" pictures in the book, these puppies are taken to the nearest shelter to be thrown away because the breeder who sold them the puppy was to glad to get rid of it and can not be bothered to see it again. 

In the end the puppy above was taken to a rescue and was adopted to a new family who knew what they were getting and did not pay a high price for it. 


If you are not willing to rescue, you should not breed!!! PERIOD!!! 

Do yourself and the surplus pet population a favor 

Educate yourself on the breed you intend to buy!!

Before you buy, check out your shelter. If your not stuck on having a puppy that is high breed quality there are plenty of  wonderful unwanted Shih Tzu. 


Thank you Jane for letting me use your story. You can find comfort in the thought that telling your story might help someone else from making the same mistake.

Many Shih Tzu kisses to you!

The following is a side by side comparison of two Shih Tzu puppies.

I get photos like this that are to numerous to count.

The black and white puppy boy is a photo I received from a woman who contacted me for a Shih Tzu and felt my price was a little high for her. I understood her dilemma and proceeded to tell her what to look for and ask other breeders before buying a puppy. She paid 600.00 for the puppy in the photo and I am afraid she paid to much. Both puppies are nine weeks old. The gold and white Shih Tzu is one of my boys at nine weeks of age. To be fair I tried to resemble the position of the original and didn't do anything fancy to make my boy look cuter.

Now my opinion of the correctness of this puppy.

I suspect this puppy has had some other breed in it somewhere down the line. The first thing that jumps out at me is the fact that his nose is a little long for a Shih Tzu. The second thing that immediately caught my eye is the coat. There is not much to speak of.  He has no cushion in the muzzle that the standard calls for and gives the Shih Tzu their mushy face. The photos speak for themselves. These two puppies do not even look like the same breed. I could go on but I do not want to rip the poor little guy apart. 

This puppy is a living soul that deserves the best life has to offer. I am hoping that the new owner will except how this puppy will look as he grows. I hope that at the very least the breeder did some kind of testing on her dogs to ensure this little fellow will be healthy and not cause his new owner unexpected vet bills.

If you want a Shih Tzu puppy do your homework and at the very least ask questions about health and know what a Shih Tzu puppy is supposed to look like.




The newest trend with Shih Tzu is what some "breeders" are calling single coated or no groom Shih Tzu. These puppies are being called Prapso Shih Tzu. Breeders are selling and purposely breeding these puppies as a designer "better" Shih tzu. This is NOT A Shih Tzu. The standard for Shih Tzu calls for a long flowing double coat with a chrysanthemum face.

Definaition of a Prapso puppy - Prapsos have several characteristics which are apparent quite early. One aspect is the muzzle hair. A normal puppy face puppy grows like a chrysanthemum's petals, spreading out using the nose as a focal point. The muzzle hair on the Prapsos is smooth. In the coats of the Prapsos there will be shiny, stiff hairs which are like coarse guard hairs. The Prapsos may have no hair between the pads, and may have hare feet, a sparse head fall,  and abruptly short coats. It is also said Prapsos cut their primary (baby) teeth by four to four and one-half weeks, when the average Shih Tzu may be just starting to cut his.

These puppies do not happen in resposible breeding. This is a defect and if it ever does pop up the parents should be spayed/ neutered and placed. Instead, so called "breeders" are choosing to breed these dogs and the resulting litters are touted as great and wonderful because you don't have to groom them. I now believe the above examples of puppies gone bad are part Prapsos.

Propsos were initially found in Lhasa and any good Lhasa breeder will tell you these puppies were placed as pets and the parents were not bred again. This is an accident. I believe somewhere down the line someone's pet Shih tzu they were using to bred ended up with this and an uneducated person got the bright idea that this was a NO GROOM SHIH TZU????

This is another example of why you should do your homework on any breed you settle on as an addition to your family. Know what you are buying. 


Be sure to visit our store where you will find lots of great 

things for Shih tzu 

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