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DOB: 11/29/2000

Bailley was my very first show dog. Bailleys name says it all. She "Had me from the start" She is my breeding and I was the one who delivered her. As you can see by the photos, I did not know much at the time about grooming. I learned so much with her. She hated the show ring and I finally cut her down. Looking back I think she could have been finished. I love her face and beautiful head, I would love a house full of faces like this one. Bailley and I have been through a lot together and she is my special little girl. We call her the drama queen of the house, when she wants something she uses her voice and talks to us.  Bailley was spayed after giving me Phoebe. (pictured below)







DOB: 08/19/2007

Phoebe was born with a silver spoon in her mouth because Bailley is her mother. Phoebe is so much like her mother. I prayed when Bailly was pregnant with her last litter she would have a baby girl just like her. She granted me this request. What a jewel Phoebe is. Everything Phoebe does is perfect!!! I adore this little girl!!

Majesty's Second Identity "Rocco"

Rocco is a sweet boy who loves to run and play and adores toys. Most of all Rocco loves to show. Rocco is co owned with Janis Clary McGee. Jesslyn Jovita of Majesty Shih Tzu was kind enough to trust us with her beautiful boy. Rocco is finished in Indonesia and is now working towards his American championship title. I expect he will finish quickly. I cannot wait to see beautiful babies out of this magnificent Shih Tzu. 

DOB: 05/13/2007

Jet is a dream come true for me. I wanted a solid black for many years. I was willing to wait for a solid black that was as close to perfect as you could get and Jet is it. This beautiful boy is very sound and glides when he moves. As you can see he has that mushy, monkey face I just love. Don't mistake him for all beauty and no brains, he is always thinking and if your not careful he will out think you. He is a love to have around and one of the most laid back dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Thank you Robin Taylor for having faith enough in me to trust me with such a precious boy.

DOB: 12/06/2007

Izzy is a beautiful girl. Her structure is a close to perfect as I could have ever dreamed of getting. Izzy is everything I love Shih Tzu. Born of a perfect match between I-Kahn & Maggie.  A very happy girl who falls in love with everyone she meets. She never meets a stranger. Nearly every time she steps in the ring she is a force to be reckoned with. Izzy is a true showgirl who never puts a foot wrong and just wants to please everyone around her. Life is her game and she plays it well.


DOB: 7/27/1998 

Our sweet little Sophie. Sophie was the beginning to my obsession to the Shih Tzu. Sophie is a true house mouse. Sophie will live here forever. She sleeps on my sons bed every night and has adopted him as her one and only. Sophie is the boss of the house. She has to approve any new dogs and she lets them know their place. She spends her days perched on the back of the couch looking out the window and acts as my doorbell. On nice breezy days you can see the contentment in her face as the breeze blows in the window. Visitors are always charmed by her loving spirit. Sophie has been spayed for many years.






DOB: 5/28/2005

Maggie's breeder, Anna May Brown of Edelweiss kennel, named her before she came to us. We made her call name Maggie because the movie Million Dollar Baby was very popular and the girl in that movie was named Maggie. She has been a joyful addition to our home with her charming personality and is always overjoyed to meet anyone. She greets everyone by nibbling on their earlobes. Maggie simply tickles my heart with her jovial nature and spends her days running the house with Bailley and Sophie, always ready to play. Maggie has her own cat Bubba who comes to her for a good ear cleaning. On our fun page you can see a video of her doing just that. 



Eva is co owned with my Dad, Bob Cootz. Eva is very shy and wants everything to be about her. Eva loves men and the first time my father and her meet it was love at first site. I decided to send Eva to live with him because she seemed to take to him more than anyone else. Eva has a special karma about her, that just draws people to her because she has soulful eyes. She seems very subdued but don't let that charming little face fool you. Eva loves to play and romp around. She and her playmate, Hope, are two peas in a pod at my parents. Eva is a go with the flow kind of dog. She will do anything to get approval.


Gracie now lives  in south Fl with her new foster Mommy, Sue. Gracie needed to be in a home where she was center of attention and God presented me the perfect home for her. Gracie has become a little less timid, and adores her new mother and home. I am confident I made the right decision to let Gracie live her life as the princess of her domain. Gracie is loved and cherished and her sweet gentle spirit will be missed here at Tian Mi. 

DOB: 6/18/2005

Molly has a very mushy Shih Tzu face that the breed is so famous for. She is just a sweet little soul and an easy living dog and wants to please. Molly loves men and gravitates to them in any room.  My husbands parents wanted a girl so Molly went to live with them. She enjoys bossing around her father, playing with Willy, the cat, and going for rides on the golf cart. Lucky for me she lives right around the corner and I get to see her often. I always say I am going to take her back, she is just so sweet. 

The above photo was taken 6/08/2007. This is my crew with their hair all cut off. 

 As you can see Shih Tzu are just like people. They each have their own unique, charming personalities. They are all very different, but beware, they will steal your heart. Anyone who meets these special little dogs falls in love, even the most rigid of people. I have seen men reduced to lying on the floor goo gooing and gaa gaaing just in hopes of winning a Shih Tzu heart.


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