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Make sure to check out the hair cut page


The information on this page is provided to you as a tool to find what works for you. These are tools and products I use to take care of my Shih Tzu.

The tips on this page are mainly for Shih Tzu that are not in show coat. Be sure to see below for how to keep your Shih Tzu face white.

Taking care of a show coat is much more involved with so many what if's. If you want to grow your Shih Tzu coat long and want tips just drop me an email. 


Tian Mi Shih Tzu uses Bead Leads exclusively for all our leash/ lead needs. In and out of the ring. 


I will normally use Pantene  or Dove shampoo. about every fifth shampoo I will use a clarifying shampoo to get all the build up out. 

I always use #1 All Systems White Lightening shampoo on white faces..

I wet the face first and lather the white lightening on their face. Be careful, do not get in their eyes. I let the white lightening sit wash and rinse the rest of the Shih Tzu. The face is the last thing I rinse.

My very favorite dog shampoo is Crown Royal biovite shampoo and conditioner. I use this off and on just to mix things up a little. It smells so good and does a really nice job on coats.

Some Shih Tzu need a conditioner to keep their coats nice and soft and unmated. My conditioner of choice for cut downs is Infusium 23

Pure Paws makes a shampoo that is wonderful for all coats. It moisturizes and calms dry itchy skin. It leaves the coat clean and shiny.  It also smells great. I buy this by the gallon. I use it on cut downs as well as some show dogs.

Some dogs will get flea bites, seborrea, hot spots or just dry itchy skin.   If your dogs seems to get itchy a lot or seems to get stinky before bath time rolls around again, you might need to use a medicated shampoo. 

My choices are 

Micro-Tek shampoo by Eqyss

Label description:

The fastest acting, most effective shampoo ever developed! It aids in the control of problems upon contact, using a trademarked formula developed from NASA research on the decontamination of astronauts.
Combines ingredients to create the healthiest environment for healing

Nova Pearls Coal Tar shampoo. 

Label Description:

Controls advanced seborrhea and the itching of flea-bite dermatitis. The Coal Tar medication removes the flakes and stabilizes cell production while de-greasing and reducing the itchiness.


I bathe once a week. I always dry my Shih Tzu after their bath. Brushing and drying your Shih Tzu will cut down on mats later and prevents them from catching a chill. If a dog has tangles or mats you need to brush first and then bathe. If you put water on mats or tangles it will "set" them or make them much worse, getting them out after the fact is very painful for your Shih Tzu. 

For problem areas you can use Chris Christensen Peace and Kindness Skin Spray

Label Description:

Peace & Kindness is a completely natural antibiotic that is just as effective as it's synthetic counterparts BUT CAUSES NO SIDE EFFECTS OF ANY KIND.  Unknown to most of us, the medical community has been aware of the anti-microbial power of SILVER since the early 1900's.  As a matter of fact SILVER has been medically proven to be one of the best infection fighting agents ever discovered.


To Whiten Faces

#1 All Systems super whitening gel, follow instructions on jar. This is very effective getting stains off the face furnishings. item #AL68008

You can mix 50/50 boric acid powder and baby cornstarch and apply to the face furnishings with a cosmetic brush, This will whiten the face and keep it fresh. The boric acid helps dry, whiten, and kill bacteria.

Show Off is a rinseless shampoo. Some Shih Tzu need a good face washing every day to help keep their face white. Show off whitens as it cleans. Spray on, paper towel off the dirt and dry.




  Teflon Anti Static pet comb Use this to brush though the hair to check for mats and smooth down brushed coat. Do not use to rip out mats. medium/coarse Can get at item # ZC451041


My favorite brush is the Chris Christensen 27mm oblong brush. It is a pin brush with NO balls.


You can also use, Pin brush, without the balls on the end. item# AL43010


A small or medium slicker brush. A must for getting out mats and brushing feet. Be careful when you use this brush, it can leave marks behind on the skin if you are rough. Dont rip hair out just brush gently. The one pictured is #1 All Systems. Can be purchased at Item# AL10015


A rat tail comb is good to help part the hair to put up topknots or helps divide ear hair off for putting in pretty pigtail bows.


I do not like using flea control because of the chemicals. I do however believe living in Florida that flea control is a necessary evil if you let your dogs go outside. I try to avoid putting chemicals on the Shih Tzu. I treat my house and yard first and if I still see a flea I will use frontline or Advantix. During the summer months I normally have to use chemicals on my Tzu. I will alternate between Advantix and Fontline. I will not tolerate one single flea. In the Spring and Fall months I can usually get away with treating only the environment.



For cutting down my Shih Tzu I use Andis Ultra Edge 2 speed clippers with a #10 blade. Item# AD405

  For the pads of the feet, anal area, bridge of nose and muzzle I use a micro trimmer.   I have a couple different clippers like this. Different brands. This is a perfect size for small areas.

You will need a nice sharp pair of scissors. sells many nice pairs. You can get a reasonably priced pair for your trimming needs.

You will also need nail clippers. I use the traditional nail clippers but, the new pedicure is a nice option for people who are unsure of trimming nails.


Water bottles are a must for Shih Tzu. Not just dogs who are in full coat but cut downs as well. Bottles keep the face furnishings dry and cut down on staining. Water sitting on the face encourages red yeast to grow and the dog will become stained.

The water bottle stands below can be purchased at These stands come with a Lixit dog water bottle and two stainless steel bowls. They can be placed where ever you find a need for a water bottle. I love them!!!


How to keep your Shih Tzu face white 

Stainless steel bowls are best for Shih Tzu. Stainless steel does nto harbor bacteria like plastic and does not hold smells and stains like plastic. Some plastics are known to discolor faces. Make sure your bowl is shallow because the Shih Tzu do not have snouts like other breeds. I use cat bowls.


First trick to keeping a White face white is no water BOWLS. Only use bottles. The following methods are used by "Show people" to help maintain a white face. You can start this routine on a Shih Tzu at any age.

  • Mix equal parts Boric acid and corn starch, you can mix up a batch and store in a container. It last forever.

  • Clean your Shih Tzu beard and moustache once a day including any stained hair under the eyes. You can use the Show Off rinse less shampoo mentioned above.

  • Dry face completely.

  • Apply cornstarch mixture under eyes with a toothbrush and to the rest of the face with a cosmetic blush brush. Be careful not to get any mixture in their eyes. Hold onto the beard to steady the Shih Tzu.

  • You can band or wrap ( you can use strips of soft paper towel)  the face with the mixture.

  • About an hour before his bath every week you can use #1 All systems whitening gel. Apply with toothbrush to effected areas and let dry.

  • When you give Shih tzu a bath use #1 All Systems White Lightening shampoo on the face. Wash the face first and leave the shampoo on according to bottle directions (about 15 min). Make sure you do not get in your baby's eyes, it is not a tearless shampoo. 

  • Light staining will take about one month to clear up.

You can also try ľ teaspoon of powdered buttermilk to your Shih Tzuís food daily. This seems to change the chemical composition of the tears and seems to cut down on staining. You can get the powder at any supermarket. Once opened you have to refrigerate and it lasts for quite a while. .


Be sure to visit our store where you will find lots of great 

things for Shih tzu 


Pet water stand - Dog water stand



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