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Our Shih Tzu kids



Bailley's Had me From The Start

DOB: 11/29/2000 - 8/15/2017 - The foundation for Tian MI

Bailley was my very heart. She was the reason the sun rose and set. Bailley engulfed everything love could possibly be. I write this almost a month since she passed and it is so incredibly painful for me to admit publicly she is gone. Our lives have changed drastically since saying goodbye. We miss her every single day in almost every single moment. There are minutiae moments of happy memories with her but the pain of losing her still creeps in. The only comfort we take in her passing is we said goodbye at home, peacefully while she lay in her bed. She lived a full happy life. The only thing I would ever change about her would be that her life could have stretched past mine. But, we all know when we sign on for having fur children that we will most likely outlive them. 

Be sure to check out Bailley's Blog - Bailley was diagnosed with Cushings in November of 2014.

This blog is a record of our journey and how I chose to treat her and offers comfort and advice to others traveling this path. BAILLEY'S BLOG



Best in specialty show, Grand champion silver Tian Mi's Something To Talk About "Cody"

DOB: 04/06/15

Cody is a cross between Kaylie and Brodie with spectacular results. Cody is a sweet all around boy who loves everyone and loves to show. This little boy has always marched to the beat of his drum. Cody grew up at the University of Florida with his co owner David Barber PHD. Cody ran the campus and made many friends. Cody came to me at approx nine months old to start his show career. He finished his championship with a clean sweep of all majors, obtaining his last major at The Shih Tzu National specialty 2016 in Atlanta going Winners Dog against Shih Tzu from all over the world. Cody continued his career with me, becoming a Grand Champion in a few short shows. Cody and I showed at Westminster 2/17 and have had many toy group placements as well as Owner Handled Reserve Best In Show. Cody is a phenomenal little dog. He is the whole package! Cody now lives With David on the family farm. 





DOB: 04/27/2013 GCH Tian Mi's Rumur Has It 

Peyton is the sweetest kindest soul I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Pictured at ten months. She is a very happy girl, very laid back and does what ever you ask her. Peyton is the whole package, she is not only beautiful she is very smart. Peyton went to live with my sister in law, Michelle, when she was 12 weeks old. She grew up running the penthouse apartment in Downtown Orlando. She has been pampered and adored, groomed and trained to be a show dog. We are so proud of this little girl who manages to leave everyone who sees her breathless and begging to take her home! I think 2014 is PEYTON'S year!  

UPDATE: 12/2014 - I could have never in my wildest dreams imagined just how 2014 would be Peyton's year. Peyton started her show career in 4/2014 she went to the Shih Tzu National specialty in St Louis on 5/9 - 10 and surprised everyone with her arrogant, beautiful prescence. Peyton won Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show with a total entry of 85 Shih tzu. AKC judge Mrs June Penta describes Peyton as, "Outstanding movement and overall balance and her carriage made a STRONG impression." Peyton finished her Grand Championship at the 2014 Eukanuba cluster, going Best of Opposite. Peyton also finished number one Owner handled Shih Tzu in USA 2014. Peyton is now cut down and lives her life as a Shih Tzu should, curled up anywhere she wishes, or tearing out all of the toys in the toy box.  You can see Peyton's winning video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvd3kfVyExg



Asher's In The Dark At Tian Mi - POPPY



DOB 09/26/2016 CH Tian Mi's Tell It Like It Is

Lexi is out of our Peyton and Cody! Lexi finished her championship in quick fasion with her finishing major at the AKC National finals in Orlando. SHe went on to win Best of opposit to breed the following day when bumped up from a class dog to a special. Lexi lives with us and will remain here to live out her life as our bed bug. Lexi will hopefull be bred for the first time in winter 2018






DOB 09/14/2017  Tian Mi's You Don't Know Jack

Jack is out of our Kaylie and Woody!  Jack was born one month after losing my Sweet"B"  I swore I would NEVER love a Tzu again. There was something about Jack from the moment he was born. He was carried and snuggled from the time he was hours old.  I cannot imagine life without him now. He has such a tight hold on my that he gets away with murder. Although he is the perfect angel. 


When Jack was eight weeks old "I" accidentally stepped on him causing his right lung to fill with blood and causing trauma to his face and rib area. Jack was given a 15% chance to live. He spent four days in an oxygen chamber with round the clock critical care. Against the odds Jack survived and is healthy today. I am certain Bailley was looking out for him, as she knew, so soon after saying goodbye to her, losing him was 

more than I could bear.


Jack's weight never reached over 8 lbs. I have decided against showing him. He has now been cut down and will remain my bed buddy forever. 






DOB 09/14/2017  CH Tian Mi's What The Heart Wants At BethAsh

Selena is out of our Kaylie and Woody!  Jacks sister. Selena is co owned and lives with,  Elizabeth Lopez of BethAsh Shih Tzu. Selena's first dog show was The National Specialty in OKC where she placed every day in very large puppy classes. Selena finished her championship with limited showing with four majors from the bred by calss. She is very loving and happy, always looking to please.







DOB 09/26/2017  CH Tian Mi's Gossip Girl

Ally is out of our Peyton and Woody!  Ally is a very good girl and loves to live life on her terms. She loves anything toy and can be found at any given time floundering around in a gathering of any toy she can pile up.  


Ally is owned By myself, Ralph E Mishler, & Robert E Cootz (Dad) Ally was entered at her first show at our National Specialty Oklahoma City, (May 2018) when she was a baby puppy, where she won Best Bred By in Show under breeder judge Wendy Paquette. Ally was then kept at home late October 2018 when she started limited showing. Finishing in style with 4 majors on 1/12/19 Ally made quick work of her championship. She is now cut down living in Christmas FL being adored by my father.  



DOB 04/08/18  CH Tian Mi's Little Secret With BethAsh

Armani is out of our most winning show dog CODY!  Armani was shown to championship owner handled by me. He is co owned with  Elizabeth Lopez of BethAsh Shih Tzu. He now lives a happly life cut down running the house.  






DOB: 07/05/2014

Ella, is an Izzy daughter with two other siblings. Ray and Emmy. A liter of three AKC champions.

Ella is a sweet little girl who is definitely convinced the world revolves around her. She started her show career as a naughty little puppy and grew to be a poised beautiful girl when she needed to be. She has beautiful structure and movement. Ella now owns The Stallone family who adore her. We are hoping for beautiful puppies in Ella's future.









Phoebe was born with a silver spoon in her mouth because Bailley is her mother. Phoebe is so much like her mother. I prayed when Bailly was pregnant with her last litter she would have a baby girl just like her. She granted me this request. What a jewel Phoebe is. Everything Phoebe does is perfect!!! I adore this little girl!!



DOB 02/03/2012 CH Tian Mi's Made To Order at Yulan - spayed


Kaylie is out of our Izzy amd could almost pass for her twin! Kaylie was shown in puerto Rico at the begining of her career. Kaylie finished her championship in two shows in Florida with a Toy GROUP ONE, from the classes, owner handled by me!!! Kaylie is very elegant in the ring and was such a dream to show!!! Be sure to catch her group winning video on my videos page! 


Kaylie is one of the sweetest souls anyone would want to meet. She now owns Alan and he takes her everywhere. Saying he adores her is an understatment. Alan has a pink roller carry bag for Kaylie and he proudly wheels her everywhere he goes. 


Kaylie is mother to Cody, Jack & Selena





DOB: 04/25/2012

TI -  CH Tian Mi's True Identity At Dialro is co owned with Alex Rolon and Wilfredo Alvrado at Dialro Shih Tzu. TI is a born and bred Tian Mi Shih Tzu out of Rocco x Molly, completely handled to his Championship by Alex Rolon as a beginning exhibitor.  Alex did an awesome job conditioning and presenting TI making me so proud of our beautiful boy! TI won a Toy group three from the classes as well as puppy group three. Congratulations to Alex on such a great accomplishment with his first show dog!!! 




CH Tian Mi's Talk Dirty To Me "Brodie"

DOB: 08/24/2010

Brodie is a third generation Tian Mi Tzu. At just ten months and two shows, Brodie finished his show career quickly with three majors and went on to place in the Bred By group. This little boy is out of Rocco and Phoebe who is the daughter of my most precious Bailley. This adorable boy has wormed his way into my heart and gives me great joy just being in his company. He does anything I ask him to do and always wants my approval. (which isn't hard to get because I adore him) 










Two dogs that were instrumental in my  foundation




DOB: 12/06/2007 Spayed

Izzy is a beautiful girl. Her structure is a close to perfect as I could have ever dreamed of getting. Beautiful head with lots of neck, level top line, great body, awesome angulation and reach and drive second to none. Izzy is everything I love Shih Tzu. Born of a perfect match between I-Kahn & Maggie.  A very happy girl who falls in love with everyone she meets. She never meets a stranger. Every time she steps in the ring she is a force to be reckoned with. Izzy is a true showgirl who never puts a foot wrong and just wants to please everyone around her. Life is her game and she plays it well. Izzy is Tian Mi's first home bred champion.


Edelweiss One In A Million "Maggie"

DOB: 5/28/2005 - Maggie has been spayed

Maggie has produced some very pretty babies for Tian Mi and we honor her by leaving her on this page. Thank you Anna May Brown for trusting me with this lovely foundation to my breeding program. Maggie is mother to Izzy and Peyton. Maggie is Grandmother to Lindy. Maggie no spends her days with her daughter Izzy and new Daddy Ralph Mishler. 







Photo taken 2008 from left to right: Molly, Maggie, Bailley, Sophie, Phoebe

As you can see Shih Tzu are just like people. They each have their own unique, charming personalities. They are all very different, but beware, they will steal your heart. Anyone who meets these special little dogs falls in love, even the most rigid of people. I have seen men reduced to lying on the floor goo gooing and gaa gaaing just in hopes of winning a Shih Tzu heart.


Be sure to visit our store where you will find lots of great 

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<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/ARFIzy7ju1s41435709a8ffff56238681b788d99862.htm">LinkedTube</a>



Bailley's Blog - Bailley was diagnosed with Cushing's in November of 2014. We lost Bailley 8/15/17

This is a record of our journey and how I chose to treat her. It is my hope others will find comfort and answers.



Tian Mi Shih Tzu uses Pet Oasis Water Stands with Lixit bottles 





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