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Time is
Too slow for those who wait, Too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve,  Too short for those who rejoice.
But for those who love,  Time is not. 
       -Henry van Dyke

The music playing on this page is called Remembering the light. This page is about remembering the special light a Shih Tzu brings into our lives.


The dogs below are family pets from all over the country. We welcome you to add a memorial for your beloved Shih Tzu in his or her memory. 

 This page is open to ALL Shih Tzu owners. Tian Mi Clients or not. 

THE RULES: if you would like to add a memorial to your Shih Tzu, please email with a request to be added to the memorial page. Please send a photo that is no larger than 430 x 300 pixels .jpg format, with the text you wish to be added. Please try to keep the text no longer than two lines. Each memorial will have to be approved before added. 

Miramar Tian Mi's Pussy Cat Doll "EVA"

11/05/04 - 12/15/17 Eva lived with my Dad and was taken suddenly and too soon. She will be remembered always and missed immeasurably. Rest in peace sweet Eva. 





 12/21/01 - 6/05/17 RIP sweet Hope. Hope was my second show dog. After teaching me so much, she picked my father to be her forever Dad. Hope lived out her life perched on my father's lap teaching him what it meant to love a foo foo dog. 

Hope was my Dad's heart dog and will remain in his heart forever. 



One of my first Shih Tzu was "Sophie"

Sophie was the matriarch of our family. Arthritis set into her spine as she aged and it was difficult for her to get in and out of our home over the threshold at the front door. Even in her final days as she made her way outside she walked tall and proud of who she was. I have never seen a Shih Tzu so proud. She loved to lay in the driveway in the patchy spots of sun, she would come to the door and bark for us to let her in when she had enough. We will always remember Sohie with found funny memories. Not a day goes by she is not thought of. Rest Peacefully sweet Sophie. 

Sophie's Marble memorial stone



Zoe passed away on October 19, 2012 at the age of 12 due to Acute Luekemia.  Zoe, you were so loyal, so loving, and so sweet...thank you for the love and joy you brought to our family! You are so dearly missed little girl!


~ Love, Dad & Mom, 

Gary and Donna Davis


Zoe was a very special girl because she was part of the Tian Mi family. She was one of my first liters and was given as a gift to my Aunt and Uncle who cherished her from the day they saw her. I brought her into the world and I was with her when she passed to rainbow bridge. She was as humble and sweet in her passing as she was in her life. There is no greater joy than to love and be loved by a Shih Tzu. 



What a special gift to be given the chance to know such a special soul. 

~ Leslie LeFave






Baby was lost to bone cancer at the tender age of 3 years old. Baby was loved and cherished by Tom and Linda Franklin. May she now find peace and rest without pain.

What Baby's Mother had to say about losing her baby girl,  "She was as sweet going to meet the Lord as she has been all her short life. I have a huge hole in my heart. She was so perfect. She even smelled good. I could take a big deep whiff of her and it made me happy, even today. Baby has been a true gift from God to Tom and I. We have loved her so much and will always love her. I miss her so much. I am so glad we had the short, short time with her."


Linda Davi let us take care of Dakota for the rest of her life and we were 
able to receive her love for ten years. She was the most beautiful and loving girl 
and we will miss her so much.

Warren and Dixie



My Bridgee, it was a fleeting 7 years. Thank you for the unconditional love. 
It was heartbreaking, and i hope time will help me to let go. 
I love you so dearly. Missing you.







"Thank you for being with us. 
Thank you for giving us your love and joyfulness to us.
Thank you to God for lending us one of your white lovely angels to us. 
Finally, she was returning back to your hands.
Cherry, you may now leave this world with healthy body and spirit and big wings.
We will always miss you forever and ever. 
There is no single day in which we never think about you. 
Thank you my Cherry, my lovely Shih Tzu. 
Go and rest in peace.......

Cherry, 22 Feb 2000 to 3 April 2016 430 PM



A little piece of heaven was you...

My very own angel it was true...

I cherished the day you became mine...

I only wished God gave us more time...

Upon my neck I miss your warm breath...

Hoping you are here even in death...

Giving me warm kisses on my ear...

Telling me you are okay and near...

Mommy will always love you it's true...

You took a piece of my heart with you...

I miss you my Bella, my sweet love...

My very own angel now above...


Mommy, Daddy, Gramma, Grampa, Sadie, Mickey, Bryson and Sophia miss you dearly...

"Buddy". God bless his precious soul. He gave us 11 beautiful years. 





"Spencer was such a good little boy.  In his short lifetime he gave and received so much joy and love.  While we miss him terribly, we are so very thankful he was a part of our lives.”


October 27, 2010 February 11,2014 


Magnus was born in our bathroom. We loved him before he could even see us. We named him Magnus b/c he was the biggest pup in the litter… but that still left plenty of room in the palm of your hand.

It’s all ok now little buddy. No more being sad b/c we left for work w/out you. No more scary kitchen noises. No more feeling tired & icky. No more being sick. There’s nothing to be afraid of little buddy. It’s all ice cream now.

I miss you budders. I even miss cleaning up your accidents. I’d give so much to clean one up right now. A Shih Tzu’s life span is 15-20 years. Magnus left us at only 5… but I love him like he’d been with me forever. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you for all the licks & all the love. Thank you for being my friend. Today I am less for having lost you, but I will always be better for having known you. Goodbye little buddy.



My sweet Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge one year ago today...April 8, 2013.  
She will always be in my heart. ~ Carol Goans







Miss Money Penny was 2 months shy of 15 years old.  I can hardly function.  Words cannot describe my feelings for her.  She was a once in a life time dog for me. 

~ Cheryl Baer




Thank you Rocky for giving us so much happiness, laughter, and unconditional love for over 17 years.You will be loved forever.






Samson Kupke RIP 7-8-99 to 12-20-10

 Samson was loved by the Kupke family for eleven wonderful years before dying of an enlarged heart. We miss him so very much but know he will be in our hearts forever.



Lucy Feb. 21, 1999 – Dec. 2, 2012


Lucy was with us for almost 14 years, she was not only part of our family we were a part of her pack.  She loved her daily walks & was always excited to go for a ride. She loved tummy rubs, especially in the morning & never outgrew her toys. She was like a little shadow following us from room to room, our constant companion.  She hung out with Mama Dog during the day & would run out to greet Daddy Dog with kisses when he got home. She was loving & sweet, such a good girl! We lost her suddenly but were able to be with her when she passed away.  We miss our Sweet Lucy Dog & wish she were still here with us!




TJ, Our Little Man,
You brought us love, laughter, joy, warmth, cuddles and snuggles for over 17 years. You were the center of our world and the most precious little boy ever. You are always in our hearts and our memories as a family will be treasured forever.
Love and Hugs,
Mommy, Tiff, Jay & Meg



Sunrise 11/27/2003 – Sunset 07/20/2012

Ozzie passed away from a respiratory infection, that he couldn’t fight off.

He was our friend and our companion. He was family.

Thank you Ozzie for giving us so much happiness, laughter, and unconditional love for all those years.

RIP little guy… Our Ozzie Boy. We miss you, little buddy.

Rick and Laurie Darling


For the Memorial page:

Gone yet not forgotten,
Although we are apart,
Your spirit lives within me,
Forever in my heart.

Author: Unknown

Char Klis




11/22/96 to 6/19/2012-

He will always be in our hearts!



        YOUR LOVING MOM - PATTI MAURER           KATIE  9/13/1999 - 8/3/2011"




Guinness, our 12 yr. old darling, left us a week ago; and we'll never
be the same.   He was our heart, our soul, the love of our lives -
always.  Judy & Lew Bastian



‘RIP My little man, thanks you for all of the love you gave us’

Sweep May 1999 – September 2012



Pixie, at 13 was laid to rest in my garden where she liked to play. She sadly missed by her mommy Sassy & Sister Megan. We love you Pixie our

social butterfly and miss you ever day sweetheart.


In Loving Memory of Phoebe Crowe, Mother of Zoe, Louie and Molly Crowe.
Loved by the Crowe family and welcomed into heaven August 6, 2011. We miss you.


She was the Sunshine in our lives. Forever in our hearts she'll stay. What a wonderful 15 years we shared. We miss you Gia.......

My Heart...My Love...My "Dryfus"   10/9/95 - 7/14/11 

You will always be my best friend. I Love you endlessly! Chrissy



Our beloved shih tzu,  Babs crossed over into her next life on Monday, February 21, 2011.  Babs was 14 and had multiple medical issues.    She was an absolute angel and an extremely important member of the family.  Our lives revolved around hers.  We miss here dearly.



John D. Favata


This is Baron.   He was born on 10/11/1999. He went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/8/2009.  His only purpose in life was to love and be loved.  He loved with  all his heart and soul.  He will be loved forever.










SUNRISE NOV. 26,2003                    SUNSET NOV. 16,2008    


We lost our Gizmo to an enlarged heart after 14 wonderful years. Thanks for the love Buddy.

We love you,

Mommy, Daddy, and Sister Bunny


He was a Good Little Boy , Jan'05-Aug.'08



This was my shih tzu Madison who lived 11 great years in Sturgis, SD with our family, we will miss her...RIP 1/19/09


Ling Ling & Mae-li, two rescue Shih Tzu owned and loved by Margaret Krass. Margaret misses her two girls desperately. They found peace on earth in the arms of their rescuer, Margaret and now may they rest in peace at rainbow bridge.


In Loving Memory of Jodi, the Shih Tzu, may she rest in peace. Passed away on 1-07-09 AND Maggie May, the Beagle, born 8/11/95- passed away 7/28/09



This is sweet Brandy. Brandy was owned and loved by The Velvick Family.  She was taken away to soon by kidney disease.  God bless her and her journey over rainbow bridge. 



This is Cosita, she owned Virginia Furness. 

Cosita was taken by a tragic accident, her sweet little 

soul is missed.





The following three memorials were emailed to me. I would like to personally thank Char Klis for opening her home to the unloved, dogs that some would pass because of their "problems". These dogs are just as worthy as any dog on this site. These dogs are very special because of the horror they endured and still loved the humans that gave them nothing and took everything. Thank you Char for showing these little angels that all humans are not thoughtless and cruel. We should all morn their passing and be so lucky that once in our lives we would be loved so unconditionally. 

- Leslie LeFave


Sweet Bess survived over 10 years in a puppy mill before being rescued.  I was to be her foster mom, and when she arrived she had eye, ear and dental infections, multiple medical problems, no hair and she smelled like a sewer.  I immediately fell in love with her and adopted her.  She became the “Queen” of my house and reigned for 14 months before her enlarged heart couldn’t go on any longer.  But she loved every day of those 14 months. 

- Char Klis  




Logan was my first foster dog and my first ‘foster flunk’ (I adopted my own foster dog).  Rescued from a puppy mill, untreated eye and ear infections had left him blind and deaf and he had been cruelly debarked.  However, he had the most beautiful soul and was the sweetest dog I have ever met. 

- Char Klis


We miss you Baby Boo.


Mom, Babe, Weezie and Chico

-   Char Klis






This is Mitzi. She has passed over rainbow bridge and is 

survived by Dixie & Warren Zabell. She was loved and will

always be remembered.





Mac Bobier  -  May 1, 1991 to December 29, 2007



This is Mac, he was loved by the Bobier Family for 16 ½ years.  He lived a very long, happy, spoiled life.  He had a personality larger than life.  He comforted us through many difficult times and always seemed to bring a smile to our faces just when we needed it.  Mac was a fighter but in the end he was unable to overcome a respiratory infection.  The memories of him will be timeless and he will be in our hearts forever.    




"Bailey was born on April 12, 2006 and passed away on November 18, 2008 from kidney disease, we miss him so much. Forever, Jesse, Tracey, SammyJo and Frances."




This is "Bo", She was born March 27 1993 and Died June 5, 2010 from seizures brought on by severe back problems.  For 17 years 2 months 9 days she brought much love and joy to our lives and will be missed.  She is now with her Pap-Paw going on their afternoon walks. Jim, Betty, Jennifer, Erin, and Martee




Bridgette who died  10/14/11

Today you went on home ahead of us. You left behind Robert and Renee Tippett who treasured  every moment we were blessed to have had with you during your 8 years. You died this morning in my arms so peaceful. You were our little girl! You  had breast tumors but now you are healed waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Your 3 friends Kendall, Angel and Tristan miss you too, they love you too. Our life was changed forever because of you. Thanks for being our loving pet.





who went to sleep 2nd feb 2012

I miss him so much

he was my best friend my soul mate my whole life