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Tian Mi Shih Tzu Show News

The National Shih Tzu Club of Ameica

This is a dog show where people from all over the world come to compete with their dogs. 

Our new puppy, Tian Mi's Tell It Like It Is "Lexi" was # 1 in her class in the 

sweeps (Thank you breeder judge Jenn Miller) and #4 in her class for the National (Thank you breeder

 judge Richard Paquette). Not bad for her first time on a lead and after she ate her face off. 

BR Peppers Woodstock "Woody", our Brazilian import earned a major at the National by 

winning reserve winners dog, Thank you, breeder judge Richard Paquette. 



2/13/17 CODY - GCH Tian Mi's Something To Talk about GOES TO WESTMINSTER 

in New York city. We did nto bring home a win but he showed his little heart out and I was so very

 proud he was a Tian Mi dog!!!

4/25/2016 - BIG NEWS, Cody - Tian Mi's Something To Talk About, won winners dog and Best bred by in show at the Shih Tzu National in Atlanta Ga. with a very large and beatiful entry of dogs. A very BIG Thank you to Judge John Ioia for recognizing how special our little Cody is.

Cody is owned by: David Barber, PHD  

Co owned and Bred by: Leslie LeFave, Tian Mi Shih Tzu



Tian Mi's Something To Talk About "Cody"

Made his show debu, at ten months old, in style winning a major in Lakeland, FL





Peyton finished her Grand championship at the cluster of dog shows proceeding the Eukanuba National!!! 

PEYTON IS ON A ROLL 10/25 Peyton won Breed over a special for her second champion defeat and a three point major

Peyton also went Breeder Owner Handler Best In Show!! 


Tian Mi Shih Tzu goes to The Shih Tzu National Specialty in St Louis


Tian Mi's Rumor Has It "Peyton"

WB, BOW, & Best Bred By Exhibitor, qualifying her for Crufts, she also won 

The Best Bred-By-Exhibitor Dee A Shepherd Memorial Award

A GREAT BIG Thank you to Judge Mrs June Penta for recognizing and rewarding Peyton's outstanding quality!! 

This was a BIG win for Tian Mi Shih Tzu - Shih Tzu from all over the world come to compete in The National, I will always remember this win!!

04/20/14 - Zolfo Springs, FL Peyton won WB for two more points!! 

4/06/14 - Elkton, FL Peyton won WB for her first point  under Carolyn A Herbel at eleven months old. 

As of the end of 03/14 TI is the number TEN Shih Tzu in the country according to all systems - This is amazing considering he is not even a champion yet and has been shown very limitedly by a someone fairly new to the world of showing dogs. BIG CONGRATS to Alex and TI - Great Job

03/07/2014 - TI Tian Mi's True Identity at Dialro wins a group three from the classes beating two SHih Tzu specials to get there,  all owner handled by Alex!!! See his winning video below.  TI also won winners dog on Saturday and Neiman went winners dog on Sunday. Not a bad weekend for Tian Mi SHih Tzu


ORLANDO EUKANUBA CLUSTER 12/12/2013 Jam-Ups N Jolisse Neiman Barkus "Neiman" out of Tian Mi's Talk Dirty To Me "BRODIE" x Jam-Ups Mean Widdle Kid "KIDDIE" won WD for a 4 point major - Tian Mi's True Identity at Dialro went third in a very tough class of dogs. So proud of Tian Mi dogs!!! See the video below.

Shown By: Leslie LeFave

Owned by: Jocelyn Fuertes

Bred by : Janis McGee & Leslie LeFave


MIAMI 12/07/2013 Tian Mi's Made To Order of Yalyan "Kaylie" wins WB and BOW both days to finish her Championship title. She also won a GROUP ONE under prestigious judge Mr Jon R Cole What a great win for Tian Mi Shih Tzu!!! A great time in the BIS ring!  


PLANT CITY 11/23/2013 Kaylie wins WB both days for two points!!!

DELAND 9/21 & 9/22

Ti Mi's True Identity at Dialro won winners dog and best of winners for two more points!!! He was shown to perfection by Alex Rolon - TI is co owned with Wilfred Alvarado & Alex Rolon - out of CH Majesty's Second Identity x Tian Mi's Did I Do That.

Jam Up's Tian Mi's Juicy Couture "Jacey" was looking her best and showed beautifully. It just was not her weekend. The photos turned out so pretty I thought it only appropriate to post one. Many thanks to Wilfred for this lovely shot!!! 

Tian Mi wins Winners dog and Winners bitch at The Toy Dog Club of Central Florida show -"Jacey" picks up two more points and "TI" Tian Mi's True I dentity of Dialro - co owned with Alex Rolon and Wilfredo Alvarado - won his first point! Such an exciting day for Tian Mi Shih Tzu!!!


PHOTOS PAST THIS POINT ARE OLDER - I am choosing to leave them because it shows the history of Tian Mi Shih Tzu


06/25/2011 - SATURDAY

Orlando, FL -  Tian mi's Talk Dirty To Me "Brodie" won winners dog for a FOUR point major, at ten months old.


05/01/2010 -Saturday 

Rocco finishes his American Champions hip in Vero Beach. 



NEWS FLASH - Tian Mi's Isadorable "Izzy" is on front page of Greenville news

The Greenville news showed up ringside to take photos and out of all the photos taken that day Izzy's photos were placed on the greenville news website four times out of the 27 photos selected for publishing. Izzy was also one of the photos selected to be on the front page of the Greenville news for 2/14/2009.  See Greenville news online photos here > GREENVILLE NEWS Press the next button to all photos.




Bomber wins winners dog and goes best of winners on Sunday 8/9/2009  Way to go Bomb!!! 2 more points


Bomber is placed on the table to wait for his picture. His mean pumpkin eyes tell us he is highly insulted by the Yorkie book ends. Shih Tzu are so much better than Yorkies!!!


Tian Mi's Isadorable "Izzy" wins winners bitch in West Palm Beach Saturday and Sunday, giving her four more points!!!  Thank you to judges Ms. Denny C. Mounce & Ms. Christine Salyers Anderson


The Tian Mi Line up on Sunday... Izzy, John J, & Bomber



Greenville, SC 2/13 - 15


Izzy won winners bitch Fri & Sunday


Ocala Dog show 11/15/2008

John J wins winners dog and gets his first point and Phoebe goes third in her class of six.

Check out Phoebe's movement. That's how Tian Mi dogs move!! LOVE that reach and drive.



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