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Tian Mi Shih Tzu puppy updates

If you own a Tian Mi Shih Tzu please send us a photo so we can brag. Tian Mi babies are the "greatest!!!" Remember you will never own a Shih Tzu... They own you!!!

Each of these precious souls holds a special place in my heart and it joys me to see them in their new lives happy and loved. 


Lives with the Ibarrondo family in FL 

Looks like he has lots of friends and a great life. 


Belle & Blue proudly run the Franklin home, FL

Their Mommy has discovered a new way to bath them with no fuss!!!


John J was a show dog for Tian Mi Shih Tzu and now he proudly owns Diane, FL 

Lila now owns The Fiessinger family, FL as you can see she demands to be well dressed



Jewel owns the Canada family, OH  Jewel was our ugly little duckling who grew up to be a swan. She was the runt of the litter. 



Bomer was sold to the Pottieger family as a companion.. The Pottiegers asked me if I would show him once in Miami... Bomer won both days his first weekend out and will soon join his sister as an AM CH. Tian Mi companion Shih Tzu are as good or better than anyone else's show dogs.


Ownes Andrea, CA From different litters different years but they look like brothers 



Owns The Hottle family, GA These two boys are litter mates and as you can see they keep their parents busy. 



Ownes Elena, FL Zeus is Elena's  first Shih Tzu and I have to say she is deeply in love and cannot imagine life without Zeus



Owns Joan, CA Joan has bought three Shih Tzu now from Tian Mi over the last five years and she has discovered you cant just have one. 


Owns Joyce, Fl  Precious little Jessie is pampered and loved he lives with his retired family and another Shih Tzu "brother" 




Owns The Kamrath Family, OH 

Mario and Max are out of our beautiful Jet. 




Owns Lisa, FL




Owns Kate, MI  Charlie is one of the ones we let get away. Sucha beautiful boy with great big eyes that are so classic of the Shih tzu. 




Owns The Blaisdall Family, FL Cody is the first "child" of the house and is loved dealry. 





Owns Kerri, TX

Sweet little Zoee never wants for anything just as any Tian Mi SHih Tzu. 



Owns Warren & Dixie, FL

Annie is out of my precious Bailley.  Annie travels with her family back and forth to Fl who are snow birds. What a sweet little Shih Tzu smile.